Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Computed Tomography Scanning of Meresamun

Originally published May 18, 2009 | SPIE | by Emily Teeter and Michael Vannier
Hoping to start a new tradition of sharing information about data obtained from CT scanning Egyptian mummies (because Emily Teeter seemed to dislike the fact that radiologists were scanning mummies but not sharing their data, making it an almost useless task, per her mini lecture at the Oriental Institute on May 17), Emily Teeter and Michael Vannier present the latest data on the recent CT scanning of the mummy of Meresamun, still sealed within her coffin, even though it had been at the OI since the 1920s (fortunately, it wasn't featured in a disgusting unwrapping party, the likes of which had been a common occurrence during that time). The article features findings from and differences in equipment used in a previous scanning session in 1991 and and from September 2008. It also features mini bios of the article's authors and several resources, both in print and online.

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