Friday, May 22, 2009

Dig Days: What can I do? Dr. Zahi Hawass Defends Himself

Originally published 21 - 27 May 2009 | Al-Ahram Weekly Online | by Dr. Zahi Hawass

Dr. Zahi Hawass states in this article his thoughts on the following: the lack of public knowledge about what he does, having been inspired by an article in the New York Times that polled the general public, the reason he established rules for Egyptologists and archaeologists to follow when excavating and announcing and publishing their findings, and the slow rise in Egyptian archaeologists making discoveries on their own turf and the need for more recognition to be credited to them instead of to foreign teams.

He further defends his actions as secretary-general, interpretations of KV 63, and his right to share his ideas and theories.

Personally, I believe Dr. Hawass doesn't have to apologize for his opinions and actions, but he's a great man and scholar for having done so.

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