Monday, June 22, 2009

Données Supplémentaires Concernant les Formes Memphites d'Amon au Nouvel Empire

Accessed June 22, 2009 | Egypte Nilothique et Méditerranéenne

Stéphane Pasquali's article chronicles the five additional forms of Amun in Memphis during the New Kingdom including the one currently known and memphite monuments that illustrate the erasure of Amun's images during the Amarna Period.

The 26 page article is available for free download through Adobe Reader. You must follow the direct link on the home page to access it. First, click on "Télécharger cet article au format pdf." The next page should automatically launch another window designated for the article in pdf format; if it doesn't load automatically click "ici" in the following line of words at the top "Si votre téléchargement ne démarre pas automatiquement, veuillez cliquer ici"

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