Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Valley of the Kings

Accessed June 25, 2009 | San Francisco Examiner

The following are special feature articles that chronicle the Boy King's return to San Francisco as an exhibit at the M.H. de Young Museum. Click each link to read each article:

After a Thirty-Year Wait, the Boy King is Back, by Steven Winn (about the trek and past history of Tutankhamun's artifacts to San Francisco)

Tut Mystery Revealed — Almost, by Brent Begin (Zahi Hawass speaks at a press conference about the exhibit at the museum)

The Boy King is Back in Town (Major sponsors, presenters, patrons and organizers of the exhibit come together in anticipation of the show)

The King Tut Mystique, by Leslie Katz (the Fine Arts Museums Director, John Buchanan, gives his reactions to and advice about attending the exhibit)

First Tut Exhibit Nearly Missed, by Steven Winn (a bit of history of the first time the Tutankhamun collection was showcased in San Francisco in 1979, how it almost bypassed the city, and how it eventually became one of the cities to host the exhibit)

Tunneling Back Through Time, by Steven Winn (Steven Winn reminisces about his travels through Ancient Egyptian exhibits at home an throughout Egypt)

Gilded Remnants of a Lost Epoch, by Steven Winn (showcases the poster boy of the exhibit, a golden coffinette for one of Tutankhamun's internal organs)

A Life Dedicated to Antiquity, by Steven Winn (Steven Winn tells of the life and times of Zahi Hawass)

Discoveries of a Lifetime, by Steven Winn (gives a brief acknowledgment to the man who brought Tutankhamun to the world: Howard Carter)

This web page also comes with a digital companion guide of the museum's Tutankhamun exhibit.

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