Thursday, August 20, 2009

Archaeology Magazine's Special Ancient Egypt Issue

Accessed August 20, 2009 | Archaeology Magazine Online The following is quoted from AIA's e-Update, which will bring you to more information on what's inside this issue and how to purchase it:

Learn why mummies are the icons of ancient Egypt and why the pharaohs' tombs were designed to last forever. Discover how Napoleon's expedition led to the birth of Egyptology and how the Great Pyramid was built. Explore a City of the Dead and the Valley of the Kings. Come along with Archaeology to the banks of the Nile--and beyond. There are mummies, pharaohs' treasures, unsolved mysteries, and an entire civilization to uncover.

I think I voted for this cover! I'm glad to have helped Archaeology Magazine :)

I'm thinking I might request that my library buy this issue for its magazine collection. I'm sure someone other than myself will find this a great addition.

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