Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Model Face After Egyptian Bust?

Originally published August 5, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times | by Michael Sneed

I was about to exit the lunchroom, freshly brewed coffee in hand, when one of the cover stories of one of the newspapers, buried beneath other newspapers, caught my attention. It read something like, "Look Familiar?" I thought, "Yes" because I've seen it at the Field Museum and remembered the time my sister remarked her resemblance (the Egyptian, not my sister) to Michael Jackson between giggles. That was two years ago. I'm surprised the Sun-Times hadn't picked up on the resemblance while Jackson was still alive. Apparently others like my sister and I noticed the uncanny similarity years ago, as the article at CBS points out.

That's beside the point.

In any event, the article gives background information about the Egyptian woman's bust and reactions to the recent buzz about the striking resemblance.

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