Monday, August 10, 2009

Egyptologist Holds Court at Clowes

Originally published August 7, 2009 | WishTV (Indianapolis, IN)

This little blurb at WishTV tells of Zahi Hawass' sold out lecture at Clowes Hall in Indiana where he talked about educating the public about the Ancient Egyptians. Included with the text is a video, which captures Hawass' interview with the news station, after his lecture.


  1. If you're interested, we have a quite extended write up of the lecture, and an interview with Dr Zahi available on Heritage Key.


  2. Thanks, Ann! Heritage Key looks like a very useful resource. I'll definitely be frequenting the site, blog, articles, etc to keep up-to-date on Egyptological endeavors that I might miss otherwise.

    Take care and come back soon!