Friday, August 14, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Dr Zahi Hawass in Indianapolis

Originally published August 10, 2009 | Heritage Key | by Keith Payne

Thanks to Ann for leading me to Heritage Key, where there are many articles and more that focus on Ancient Egyptian history and related topics.

The following article is Keith Payne's one-on-one interview with Dr. Hawass after his lecture in Indianapolis for the Tutankhamun exhibit. They discuss royal mummies, Tutankhamun's heritage, Nefertiti, advice for would-be archaeologists and Egyptologists, DNA testing, CT scanning technology, and more. The article is accompanied by photographs of Hawass' presentation, which capture the man's vitality and passion he has for his country's ancient history. There are also many links to resources on similar articles and opportunities for discussion (don't you just love the read-write-web?)


  1. Yes, we do love the read-write-web. And thank you for leading your readers our way too! ;)

    Hope the interview revealed at least some things not yet known. =)


  2. Hi E.Scholar!

    I hit on your blog while doing a little research on Mutnodjmet, and was surprised to see my own name!

    I am glad you enjoyed the interview and the many other resources on Heritage Key.

    Now that I know about your blog I will have to link you from my own site, Em Hotep. It is mostly a site for reference, travelers, and laypersons who wish to know more about Egypt and Egyptology. I also do a weekly roundup of some of the headlines from other blogs I follow in an attempt to send traffic their way, and have plans to expand my efforts to promote the Egyptology blogosphere. A rising tide lifes all ships, eh?

    I look forward to following you here, seeing you over at Heritage Key, and hopefully for the occasional cameo at Em Hotep.. ;-)

    Keith Payne / Shemsu Sesen

  3. Thank you Ann, once again. I did find the interview more revealing than what I've found by way of news web sites.

    It's my pleasure to feature such valuable resources for the benefit of not only myself but also those who follow my blog.

    Thank you too, Keith! I'm glad to have your help in reaching others interested in Egyptology, both amateur and expert. I'll definitely be frequenting Heritage Key and Em Hotep. Curiosity and the drive for more knowledge on the subject of Ancient Egypt will keep me coming back, I'm sure :)