Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mummies, Hieroglyphs and Myths at the Nicholson

Originally published August 25, 2009 | The University of Sydney

Opening tomorrow (Wednesday, August 26) at the University of Sydney is an exhibit entitled Egyptians, Gods & Mummies: Travels with Herodotus, which will feature mummies of all kinds with 3D CT scans of one in particular, a column from the Temple of Bastet, and a column headstone of Bastet, just to name a few things, all of which will have descriptions as penned by Herodotus. Following the opening of the exhibit is a lecture given by forensic Egyptologist Janet Davey (ticket and booking information is provided). Featured through the exhibit's duration are several free Egyptian-themed Sunday lectures.

As envious as I am (once again, dear Reader!), I'm sort of leery about them providing information to the public using Herodotus' words. I'm hoping they will be descriptions only in terms of proportions and such and not an examination of meaning, symbolism, and dating (we've come a long way since Herodotus); though, I think I'd get a kick out of correcting errors I find (as I normally would do), whispering them softly into my sister's ear (but only if she asks, of course; she hates my little...ahem long...tangents).

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