Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Book - Soldiers, Sailors and Sandalmakers

Originally published August 16, 2009 | Egypt at the Manchester Museum Blog | by Karen Exell

The following blog post announces the September 1, 2009 release of a new book (by the the author of this blog post, as it were). It includes product information and a short description of the book's contents:

The book looks at how votive stelae from five Ramesside period sites, including Deir el-Medina, Abu Simbel and Pi-Ramesses, might be linked to specific events in the lives of the dedicators, from festival attendance, promotion at work and pleas for fertility, and act to commemorate for all eternity incidents of personal and social significance.

I've provided a link to Amazon for those interested in pre-ordering this book.

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