Thursday, September 17, 2009

'Alexander the Sexy' Seen in New Portrait

Originally published September 17, 2009 | Discovery Channel News | by Rossella Lorenzi

The following article regards more on the gem with Alexander the Great's likeness etched into it. It's a cute little thing and definitely showcases a "sexy Alexander." It's no wonder that proceeding rulers used his image (long after his death) for their own ends. The following is an excerpt from this article:

"The engraver portrayed Alexander without omitting any of the ruler's characteristics. The emperor is shown as young and forceful, with a strong chin, straight nose and long curly hair," Ayelet Gilboa, chairman of the archaeology department at Israel's University of Haifa, told Discovery News.

The distinct facial features of the work helped the researchers identify the subject as the legendary conqueror and emperor. But there was more.

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