Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Review - Cairo Modern

Originally published January 15, 2010 | The Daily Collegian Online | by Stephannie Goga | For those of you who are avid readers, more specifically of literature set in Egypt and taking place in both ancient and modern times, here is a review of a recently re-published book, translated from Arabic to English. I may find it quite useful in my quest to create a more authentic picture in my future historical fiction novels (when I get to the 1930s, which is several books away from where I am now). Here is an excerpt from this review:

The novel, recently translated from Arabic, paints a glorious picture of Cairo in the 1930s, replete with cruises down the Nile River and elegant parties. Of course, societal and governmental changes also emerge, making the story a realistic portrait of Egypt at this time. [...] Mahfouz has passed away since the publication of this novel, and the Cairo that is illustrated in this novel probably has, too. Fortunately, readers can escape to this thrilling time period and indulge in the scandalous plot by picking up "Cairo Modern" -- no passport required.

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