Friday, January 15, 2010

Egyptian Eyeliner May Have Warded Off Disease

Originally published January 8, 2010 | ScienceNOW Daily News | by Katie Cottingham | This article features commentary from various scientists - and one from Chicago - who analyze the possible uses of eye paint in Ancient Egypt. Although, tests prove there are benefits to such a regiment, the risks make this ancient treatment far from perfect. The following is an excerpt:
Clearly, ancient Egyptians didn't get the memo about lead poisoning. Their eye makeup was full of the stuff. Although today we know that lead can cause brain damage and miscarriages, the Egyptians believed that lead-based cosmetics protected against eye diseases. Now, new research suggests that they may have been on to something.

The following is a little more information about the science behind this discovery, from Chemical Online: Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics - Magical Makeup May Have Been Medicine For Eye Disease

Here is another source reporting on the same story on January 18th: Ancient Egypt's Toxic Makeup Fought Infection, by Sindya Bhanoo - NY Times

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  1. What the ancient Egyptians called "magic" we now call "science."