Monday, February 1, 2010

Opening the Tomb of Sa-Iset

Originally published February 1, 2010 | Zahi Hawass' Blog | by Dr. Hawass | Dr. Zahi Hawass details the recent re-excavation of the burial chamber in Dashur of a Dynasty 12 vizier named Sa-Iset. He finds the need to lift the lid of the vizier's coffin to confirm that a previous excavator (Jacques de Morgan) did indeed do the same to perform excavation work underneath. He continues with a brief history of this tomb's place in history and it's significance (and it's intriguing aspects). He ends with this final note:
The important thing to remember is that this tomb is still very valuable, in its unique design and Pyramid Texts, and a complete study will reveal much information about the reign of Amenemhat II and the Middle Kingdom time in which Sa-Iset lived.

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