Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ancient Coptic Church Discovered at Luxor Temple

Originally published August 16, 2009 | eTurbo News | by Hazel Heyer

This discovery, although not of the Pharonic Era, has strong connections with it, being found built over the top of an ancient Egyptian site (that of Ramesses II). The following is an excerpt from eTurbo News. Follow the above link to read this article in its entirety.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, last June, the Al Watani International said that at the Imam Abu-Haggag Luxor mosque and shrine, built on top of the open courtyard of Ramesses II in the Luxor Temple, the Supreme Council of Antiquities had launched a renovation project which, apart from repairing the damage from the fire, yielded some surprising finds. During restoration work the restorers came upon the remains of a Coptic church and some rare pharaonic inscriptions, the most remarkable of which were engravings picturing the erection of the two obelisks built by Ramesses II outside the Luxor Temple itself. The church and the mosque, said Sana Farouq.

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