Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Closed" Sign Coming Soon to King Tut's Tomb

Originally published August 19, 2009 | USA Today | by John Bacon

The following is an excerpt from USA Today, regarding more on the latest news about the possibility of the Valley of the Kings being closed off to tourists wanting to visit the tombs. Dr. Hawass if certainly faced with a double-edged sword, a predicament that shouldn't come without massive consideration: either you close off the KV tombs and create a museum filled with replicas and decrease the touristic population (I can see a replica tomb here in Chicago) or close off the KV tombs to tourists temporarily (and still decrease revenue from tourism, be it temporarily) and open them when proper technology has been implemented within each tomb so that the delicate contents within and tourists can peacefully coexist. I wouldn't mind waiting for proper technological implementation, as the former option (one Hawass has proposed) would really kill revenue for Egypt. Like I said before, I can see a replica here in the states; although, I suppose the addition of the Egyptian culture while seeing these replicas would make a better experience.

If you're interested in visiting the tombs of pharaohs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, better schedule your trip soon.


"A team of experts is currently using laser technology to examine these tombs in order to build the replicas ... which would then open to visitors in a place near the Valley of the Kings," Hawass said.

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